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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is ear micro-suction?

Microsuction is the safest form of ear wax removal. The procedure (in our clinic) is performed using high-definition video equipment, which allows the practitioner to see directly into the ear canal at all times.  A sterile tube is passed into the ear canal and the wax is gently ‘hoovered’ out of the ear under gentle suction pressure.


How do I know that I have wax in my ears?

You may be experiencing some of the following symptoms:

  • Hearing loss

  • A feeling of full or blocked ears

  • Worsening of existing tinnitus symptoms

  • Dizziness

  • Itchy ears

  • A whistling hearing aid


Does the price include treatment for both my ears?

Yes, In the clinic we charge £55 for ear micro-suction, whether we clean one or both ears. 

I'm not sure if I have ear wax, will there be a charge for an ear examination?

We can carry out an assessment and examination of your ears. If there isn’t any wax to remove we will provide you with ear care information and advice. To carry out an assessment/examination of your ear/ears in the clinic will cost £10. The clinic uses micro camera technology which allows the clinician to take images of the inside of your ear.

Do you do home visits for ear micro-suction and how much does it cost?

Yes, a home visit will cost £70. Please ring to arrange a convenient day and time. You will still need to apply ear olive oil to your ears for 5-7 days prior to treatment. 


Do you offer ear irrigation?

No. This is because micro-suction is the safest form of cleaning ear wax from the ear canal. We only use water during the treatment process to clear the sucker tubing if it becomes blocked. Ear Microsuction is widely regarded as the best practice for the removal of ear wax. 


Will ear micro-suction hurt?

No. However, occasionally ear wax can be a bit dry/stuck against the wall of the ear canal. Sometimes it can feel a little uncomfortable when the ear wax comes away. Additionally, if there is an underlying infection in the ear canal there could be discomfort during micro-suction. But this is due to the existing infection in the ear canal and not from the procedure itself.


Can ear micro-suction cause tinnitus?

No. But if you already suffer from tinnitus, micro-suction can aggravate the condition temporarily.


Will micro-suction cause dizziness?

It is possible that micro-suction can cause dizziness, but it is rare and usually resolves quickly.


I have previously had a  perforated eardrum/ear surgery. Can I still have microsuction?

Yes. Ear micro-suction is the safest form of ear wax removal. Please advise us of a previous ear drum perforation or previous ear surgery when you attend for your appointment.


Should I prepare my ears before attending for ear micro-suction treatment?

Yes, We recommend that you use ear olive oil prior to treatment. This is a natural and gentle product with no known side effects. Use it twice per day for 5-7 days before attending your appointment. You can purchase ear olive oil in most pharmacies.

Ear wax can usually be removed on the first visit to the clinic, however, on occasion, a further week of softening with ear olive oil may be required for deeply impacted ear wax or very hard ear wax. A follow-up appointment in this instance will cost £30.   Do not put olive oil in your ears prior to your treatment if you have previously had a perforation of your eardrum. 


Will my ears block up with wax again in the future?

It is possible that ear wax could build up again in your ear canal(s). Some people find that they need to attend regularly for ear micro-suction.


Can my child have ear micro-suction?

Yes. We can see children in the clinic from age 5 years. They will also need to have seen a GP/ACP prior to attending, who has recommended that they need ear micro-suction.

The cost for children aged 5-17 years in the clinic is £25. Please ring to arrange your child's appointment in order that we can discuss any individual needs your child may have, prior to the appointment.

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